Mustang and Ford performance

Hoofbeats are faster than Heartbeats...

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This community is for technical discussion regarding the performance aspect of ford vehicles. Although primarily for Mustangs, we will cater to other Ford vehicles. This is a no-rice zone. If you want to post, keep it straight up. Feel free to post about any type of modifications at all, but this is a NO RICE zone. Failure to comply with this policy will result in chastizing of you and your post.

Drag racing talk is invited, as is talk about other personal automotive competition experience (read.. don't talk about last week's NASCAR race or how Shumacher couldn't make F1 pole position). NO STREET RACING STORIES. However, do not get into a heated argument about who's car would smoke who. This is the internet, so keep your traps shut lest you realize painfully that you're arguing like a moron, with another moron, on a website.

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